Norman Britain and Witchcraft (11th-12th century)

A scene from the medieval period depicting Norman soldiers in their distinctive armor, marching through an English village. The soldiers are shown in a formation, showcasing their disciplined military might. In the foreground, a group of old women, dressed in traditional Anglo-Saxon clothing, are visibly frightened and taken aback by the imposing presence of the Norman troops. The women's expressions and body language convey their fear and uncertainty as they witness the soldiers' procession. The setting is rustic, with thatched-roof cottages and a cobblestone path, capturing the historical context and the tension between the Norman conquerors and the local population.

Reading Time: 6 minutes As we enter the high mediaeval period, for the first time we see the collision of Norman Britain and witchcraft. The Norman view of witchcraft began to seriously influence English thought and culture post the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Normans, originally from what is now Normandy in France, brought with them to England their … Read more