The Piltdown Man Hoax of 1912

Reading Time: 4 minutes Where was Piltdown Man found? The Cultural and Historical Context of Piltdown Man In the early 20th century, the quest to understand human evolution was in full swing. Archaeologists and palaeontologists searched for evidence of our ancestors, fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and a desire for prestige. This was the context in which the … Read more

The BBC’s 1957 Spaghetti Tree Hoax

Reading Time: 2 minutes Heading pre map – update map Unravelling the story behind the infamous spaghetti tree prank and its cultural impact In a world where fake news and viral hoaxes seem to be part of everyday life, it’s fascinating to look back at one of the most famous pranks in television history: the BBC’s Spaghetti Tree hoax. … Read more

Fatbergs: London’s Sewer Monsters

Gross example of a fatberg in a water tank

Reading Time: 4 minutes Heading pre map – update map The Hidden World of Fatbergs Beneath London’s Streets Picture this: Victorian London, with its gas lamps casting a flickering glow on the cobblestone streets, the city bustling with the hustle of trade and the thundering hooves of horse-drawn carriages. It was in this era that the United Kingdom developed … Read more

Crop Circles

Reading Time: 9 minutes Where have crop circles been found in the UK? Introduction to Crop Circles: Step into the world of crop circles, where enigmatic patterns etched into fields captivate the curious and evoke the mystique of otherworldly phenomena. These intricate formations have long held the world’s attention, weaving intricate designs into the fabric of our collective imagination. … Read more