Dover Street Station (1906-1933)

Dover Street Station Entrance (Green Park)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Where is Dover Street Station? Welcome to Dover Street Station The London Underground is a labyrinthine network of tunnels, trains, and stations that have inspired fascination and frustration alike for over a century. As a self-proclaimed Underground enthusiast, it’s my pleasure to share with you the story of one of my favourite stops: Dover Street … Read more

York Road Station (1906-1932)

York Road Station

Reading Time: 4 minutes Where is York Road Underground Station? The London Underground and York Road Station Ah, the London Underground, or the Tube as it’s affectionately known. The world’s first underground railway, this marvel of engineering has been zipping Londoners and tourists alike around the city since 1863. But, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily commuting, there … Read more

City Road Station (1901-1922)

Original City Road Station Building in red brick.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Where is City Road Tube Station? A Love Letter to City Road Station Ah, the London Underground! A marvel of engineering and the beating heart of our beloved capital city. As a true Tube enthusiast, I never tire of sharing stories about its colourful past, and today, I’d like to shine a light on a … Read more

Stroud Green Station (1881-1954)

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is the location of Stroud Green Station? Introduction to the London Underground Ah, the London Underground – a world-famous marvel of transport engineering that connects the great city of London! It’s a place where millions of passengers, locals and tourists alike, travel daily. As an enthusiast of the Underground and its history, I can’t … Read more

South Kentish Town Station (1907-1924)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Where is South Kentish Town Station? A Love Affair with the London Underground Ah, the London Underground! Known affectionately as “the Tube” by locals and history buffs like myself, this subterranean transportation marvel has always been a subject of fascination. From its impressive 253-mile-long network to its role in London’s rich history, the Underground never … Read more

Kennington Loop

Reading Time: 5 minutes Where is the Kennington Loop? From the chilling legends of ghostly encounters to the captivating history of the station itself, the Kennington Loop offers a glimpse into the very heart of the London Underground’s past. So, whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast of the Tube or simply a curious traveller, don’t miss the opportunity to explore … Read more

Crouch End Station (1867-1954)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Where is Crouch End Tube Station? There’s something undeniably intriguing about abandoned places, and tube stations are no exception. They hold stories of forgotten journeys, secret histories, and sometimes even whispers of the supernatural. It’s time to venture into the mysterious depths of London’s Underground, as we explore the eerie yet captivating world of Crouch … Read more

Highgate High Level Station

Reading Time: 5 minutes Approximate Location of Highgate High Level Station Abandoned stations have always held a certain allure for urban explorers, history enthusiasts, and ghost hunters alike. The idea of walking through the eerie, quiet halls of a once-thriving station evokes a sense of adventure and nostalgia. These mysterious, hidden gems lie scattered across the London Underground, each … Read more

Marlborough Road Station (1868-1939)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Location of Marlborough Road Underground Station The Secrets and Spectres of Marlborough Road Station There’s something intriguing about abandoned places, isn’t there? As humans, we’re drawn to the stories behind forgotten structures. Abandoned railway stations, in particular, are havens for urban explorers and history buffs alike. These silent relics of the past, with their boarded-up … Read more

Mark Lane Station

Reading Time: 5 minutes Where is Mark Lane Underground Station? Mark Lane Station and the Mysterious World of Abandoned Stations Abandoned stations have always been a source of fascination for urban explorers and history enthusiasts alike. These ghostly places, once bustling with life, now stand silent and forgotten. As time marches on, nature reclaims its territory, and the echoes … Read more