Weighing the Mayor of High Wycombe

The Mayor of High Wycombe sits in the town's 'weighing chair'.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Where is High Wycombe? Weighing the Mayor There is a tradition in High Wycombe known as “weighing the mayor,” which dates back several centuries. The tradition involves weighing the newly elected Mayor on a scale, using a weighing machine known as a “weighing chair.” The weighing ceremony takes place in public, usually in the town’s … Read more

Bramble Bank Cricket Match

The Bramble Bank Cricket Match in the Solent.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Where is Bramble Bank? Bramble Bank is a sandbank located in the Solent, the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England. It is situated off the coast of Southampton and is a well-known landmark in the region. It is most famous for being the site of an annual cricket match that takes … Read more