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Welcome to the Strange Britain website; home of the weird and wonderful isle.

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to odd British history, weird sightings and strange traditions, that we’ve created the following categories.

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Ancient Sites

The British Isles have been peopled since the stone-age, around 500,000 years ago. They left us evidence in the form of settlements, earthworks, tombs, art and other ancient sites. We are still trying to understand what some of them were for.

Ghosts, Hauntings & The Supernatural

Britain has always been a mysterious island, full of stories of ghosts and hauntings. Learn more about the spooky tales of Strange Britain here.

The London Underground

The London Tube is the oldest subway system in the world, dating back to the 1860s. Over the last 180 years the network has dug out, built up and covered over far more than you might think. Read about the mysterious secrets of the Underground here, including lost stations, abandoned buildings and one or two ghost stories…

Myths, Legends & Folklore

They might not be history, but that doesn’t mean they are simply fiction either. Read more about the enduring legends and myths of the British Isles here.

Strange But True

The odd and unbelievable, yet true, tales from around the country.

Traditions & Customs

This country has developed customs and traditions over thousands of years. Some we invented by ourselves, and others were brought here by invaders. They may have made perfect sense back in the day but do they stand the test of time?

Weird & Wonderful

Some things defy explanation or simple categorisation.

Witchcraft & Magic

Britain has been a home for tales of witches, witchcraft and magical phenomena for centuries. The 17th century saw the peak of cultural paranoia about witches, which led to witch-hunts and burnings. But where did these ideas come from, and how far back can we trace them?

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